Jessica Tranum


Jessica Tranum, Co-Founder of Ride for Recovery, has a very personal connection to the foundation.

As Tara’s older sister, she served as her father’s “keeper” for the past 10+ years. Jessica was very close to her father Joe and losing him turned her life upside down. Jessica actually created the name “Ride for Recovery” based on her father’s passion for motorcycles.

Jessica has worked in Addiction Recovery for the past few years locally and it led her to further exposure of the drug epidemic in the tri-cities. She knew it was time for her to step up and make a difference. Jessica has a special ability to connect with those in need and understands their pain and situations as she is able to relate herself.

While Tara was still a child in school, Jessica was directly exposed and involved in her dad’s transition from “normal” to “drug addict”. Jessica became her father’s caretaker. Jessica watched her father’s life change instantly, consumed with dad’s divorce, constant moving, & chasing down her father to ensure his well-being. It became too much - dad not only did the drugs… he began to sell them. Jessica wants to share her truth now as she knows there are people and children out there that need her. Drugs became the substitute for love and the cycle continued.

Jessica is a living miracle – one of the lucky ones due to her family support and her two amazing children, Rylee & Knox. Jessica’s goal is to support those who are suffering from addiction with relatable experience, understanding and passion.

No one is exempt from addiction - no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you live. It affects us all. Ride for Recovery was created to re-establish those broken relationships and restore faith & belief in each individual we cross paths with.